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The Green Strolls

To idle in Country Charolais-Brionnais in the horizontal of the water, in the oblique of hills or upright bell towers, the shrubby ways and the small rural roads offer an infinity of possibilities.
The Green Strolls reveal the secrets and the treasures of our territory.
Marked out, commented, these loop circuits, selected for the interest and the quality of their routes, are accessible to all.
The maintenance of paths is assured by the employees of the technical service of the Association of local authorities of Chauffailles.
You go to discover the various patrimonial wealth of this territory: circles natures, landscapes, historic and architectural curiosities, small business sector, gastronomy...
In family, between friends, these buckles of hikes.

The tours

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1 Balade des cimes
2 Circuit de Pontet
Entre monts et forêts
Chauffailles / Anglure-sous-Dun
3 Dun et la vallée du Mussy
4 Circuit des clochers
5 Circuit du Torail
6 Saint-Maurice-les-Châteauneuf
7 Entre bois et prairies
8 A la rencontre de la nature
Tancon / Saint-Martin-de-Lixy
9 Les hauts de Coublanc
10 Rencontre avec notre Patrimoine
Coublanc / Saint-Igny-de-Roche
11 Entre bocages et forêts
BI Boucle Intercommunale

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